About This Site

What is Technological Oddity anyway?

Originally I wanted the Geographical Oddity name based on the line in O Brother Where Art Thou : “Well, ain’t this place a geographical oddity.. two weeks from everywhere!”.  That describes my hometown and current location quite well, as I am about an hour from a city of any size at all.  Naturally, though the domain name was not available.

Then it hit me: I am a technological oddity myself.  I’ve been on lots of sides of the IT business from system administration to development to real hard-core multi-million dollar project management.  I’ve developed for Windows, Unix, and Apple, and love them all for their different strengths.  My current day job is as a profession Java Web Application programmer (yes, somebody else actually pays me to program).  In the past, I have been a professional Perl, C++, PHP, and Flash AS2/AS3 programmer.

Being a former project manager (for about 4 years), you would think that I would have a solid mission statement, step goals, timelines, and such for this site.  None of that here.  This blog is mostly for me to remember interesting things I have learned along the way.  If they help someone else as well, that is just icing on the cake.