I Love FlashDevelop

I’ve had to go back to some Flash development at work for a while.  Although I’ve been using the open-source FlashDevelop (http://www.flashdevelop.org) for about a year now, I just wanted publically reiterate how much easier this program makes my life.

If you have never used FlashDevelop, go get it now.  It is the editor that Adobe should have included with the Flash editor.  It has ActionScript (2 or 3) auto-complete, a nice outline view, project views, reference materials, macros, more features than I can list here.  You’ll still need Adobe’s Flash Author if you are using FLA files, but FlashDevelop even makes that easy with the excellent integration with the Adobe tool.

FlashDevelop supports ActionScript, Flex, and AIR development.  It even has built-in XML and PHP editors.

Open-source done right.  If you work in Flash and aren’t using FlashDevelop, you’re crazy.

(By the way, I am not affiliated with FlashDevelop in any way.. I just love great software)